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Tanker rates have plummeted and likely to remain depressed through 2021

(Sep 10 2020)

Transportation uses of oil have collapsed because of the pandemic. An oversupply of tankers v. demand is likely to keep rates down for an extended period of time.

The first liquid hydrogen tanker

(Sep 10 2020)

The hull of the world’s first liquid hydrogen tanker was christened Suiso Frontier in Japan in December 2019, to be used as part of a pilot project to carry hydrogen between Australia and Japan.

Seafarer Mental Health and the Crew Change Crisis

(Sep 10 2020)

North P&I Club and the Thome Group invite you to participate in our webinar “Seafarer Mental Health and the Crew Change Crisis”.

MCTC – catering services to vessels doubling in 3 years

(Aug 13 2020)

MCTC of Cyprus reports that it has doubled the number of vessels it provides catering services to in the last 3 years, now serving 600 vessels, including Hafnia Tankers, BW, Columbia Shipmanagement and Peter Döhle Group.

Developments with scrubbers at Pacific Green

(Aug 13 2020)

By Scott Poulter, CEO, Pacific Green Technologies.

Oil tanker rescues Baker Lake men after canoe capsizes

(Jul 30 2020)

Two Baker Lake men approximately one kilometre from shore were rescued by tanker Tuvaq W while on a leisure canoe trip on July 23, 2020.

Ballast water equipment news

(Jun 04 2020)

Some news from Alfa Laval, Optimarin, Hyde Marine and Techcross.

Macgregor – using virtual reality crew training

(May 07 2020)

Bringing the value of expert knowledge closer to customers. The environment is virtual, but the expertise is real; MacGregor’s Jan Finckenhagen and Floor Meijs explain how virtual reality crew training can make complex operations safe and efficien...

Cyprus – education, digital, IMO and flag

(May 07 2020)

We spoke with Natasa Pilides, the Shipping Deputy Minister of the Republic of Cyprus, about how the Cyprus government is supporting maritime education and skill development, how it is developing digital tools, how it seeks to influence the IMO, and ...

Removing hazardous vapours from tanks using nanotechnology

(Apr 16 2020)

Ecochlor is providing a technology which removes VOC vapours from fuel and cargo tanks, and suppresses further evaporation from fuel and sludge with a liquid suppressant.

1m tonnes of refined products parked in 30 tankers off Europe - Reuters

(Apr 16 2020)

An analysis by Reuters found that there are currently nearly 1m tonnes of refined products in 30 tankers parked off Europe's coast.

Iranian troops "seize Chinese tanker by mistake"

(Apr 16 2020)

According to a UK Times article, marines from Iran's Revolutionary Guard may have seized a tanker at the entrance to the Gulf on Tuesday night (Apr 14), and released her after finding she was Chinese.

US Port Access, P&I Assistance and Crisis Communications webinar

(Apr 02 2020)

We are pleased to announce the next in the Maritime London series of webinars on the impact of COVID-19 organised jointly with Members.

Phillips 66 and Trafigura form joint venture to develop deepwater port

(Mar 12 2020)

Phillips 66 and Trafigura Group Pte. Ltd announce they have formed a 50/50 joint venture, Bluewater Texas Terminal LLC (“Bluewater Texas”), to develop an offshore deepwater port project located approximately 21 nautical miles east of the entrance to ...

Andreas Ove Ugland

(Mar 10 2020)

Nordic Tankers report that its vice chair Andreas Ove Ugland passed away March 6, 2020 from unexpected illness.

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