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What’s Good and What’s Bad for Tanker Operators?

Oct 18 2016,Hamburg

Martin Shaw ,Managing Director
Marine Operations and Assurance Management Solutions

Tanker operator and crew challenges today and tomorrow

Oct 18 2016,Hamburg

Dr Stephan Polomsky,Managing Director
Offen Tankers

Resilience: A new approach to safety

Oct 18 2016,Hamburg

George Poularas ,Chief Operating Officer
Enesel SA


Oct 18 2016,Hamburg

Sergey Gribanov ,Head of Technical Service Management, Germany
DNV GL Maritime

What is good and bad for the tanker industry

Oct 18 2016,Hamburg

Captain Mark Bull FNI,Director
Trafalgar Navigation

Ship-Shore Interface in Tanker Industry - Issues and Challenges

Sep 28 2016,Mumbai

Captain Rajeev Kumar Singh,Sr. Vice President (Shipping)
Reliance Industries Limited

The perception gap between shipmanagers and ship staff about the quality of safety and operations

Sep 28 2016,Mumbai

Capt. Gyanendra Singh & Capt. Pankaj Sengar ,CEO & COO
Abaca Research & Consultancy Services, Mumbai

The Present Face of the Tanker Industry - What is good and where are we headed

Sep 28 2016,Mumbai

Sanjay Bhavnani ,Director & C.O.O
MMS Maritime (India) Pvt Limited

Tanker Operations - A Commercial Viewpoint

Sep 28 2016,Mumbai

Capt. Gaurav Arora ,Ops Manager (Controls & Projects)
Scorpio Marine Management Pvt. Ltd

Do we have a working environment where people can continually learn and improve, including from colleagues and oil major inspectors? Are we managing to avoid a blame culture?

Sep 28 2016,Mumbai

Capt. Rahul Varma ,DPA, Head of Shore Contingency Team, Fleet Personnel, Safety & Quality and Operations Manager for tankers and other cargo ships
Lilly Maritime Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai (LMPL)


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