Walport tackles the human element

Apr 01 2013

Walport Maritime Training Films has launched its latest film - The Human Element.

The film, which has been approved by the UK’s Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA), offers an insight into the role of human behaviour in safety at sea.

The Human Element has been developed jointly with Pukka Films, from a book, published in 2010 by the MCA; it takes the concepts of the book and presents them in a more concise manner, making them easy for the seafarer to put to practical use, Walport claimed.

The film is also claimed to be unique in that takes a holistic approach to safety. Walport Training Producer, Chris Young explained: “The premise of the film encompasses the idea that safety is not in the poster on the wall, or in the safety handbook. Instead, it is a living thing that emerges moment by moment from our collective behaviour.”

The film has been produced in conjunction with the MCA, The Standard Club, BP and Teekay and both the film and its comprehensive facilitators’ notes aim to create greater operational mindfulness, thereby allowing safety, rather than danger, to emerge from human behaviour.

Walport said that this new concept in safety training films is suitable for crew members and shore staff at all levels.

Walport Maritime Training Films from Headland Media provides fleets around the world with a range of maritime safety training films to support the regular on board seafarer training.

The brand started life in the 1950s, sending movies to crew around the world. However, by the 1990s, the company had identified a requirement for safety training videos that were competitively priced, easily understood by any nationality and, equally important, that were interesting.

In 2008, Walport International was acquired by Headland Media, which has provided services to ships since 1984 and is an international media company that provides news, sport, entertainment and training content to the shipping industry, as well as other sectors.

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