Trojan gains IMO approval

Mar 14 2014

Trojan Technologies’ Trojan Marinex Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) system has obtained IMO Type Approval from DNV GL on behalf of the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

“We are the largest UV company in the world and are committed to providing pioneering water treatment technologies that meet the highest standards and help protect and preserve our environment,” said Marvin DeVries, president, Trojan Technologies. “The IMO Type Approved Trojan Marinex product suite is a reflection of our forward-looking commitment to our customers.

“We performed our certification process, in every way possible, to the rigorous standards required by the US Coast Guard, supporting our goal of achieving US Type Approval this year. Testing was successfully completed in the most challenging conditions. This dispels the myth that UV cannot be used in the poorest of water qualities and gives vessel owners the confidence and reassurance they deserve, knowing that their operations will be unencumbered,” he said.

Rather than focusing on being among the first to get IMO Type Approval and testing to minimum standards, focus was instead put on the continual refinement of the BWT treatment technology and a robust testing protocol.


Trojan claimed five differentiating facts about the company’s BWT system IMO Type Approval. These were:

1) Testing was conducted under the supervision of DNV GL, who is now certified as an independent lab (IL) by the USCG, in accordance with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) environmental technology verification (ETV) ballast water protocol. The ETV protocol is a key testing requirement for systems to obtain USCG Type Approval.

2) Land-based testing was completed at the DHI Maritime Technology Evaluation Facility in Hundested, Denmark and shipboard testing was completed on board the US training ship ‘Golden Bear’ (TSGB) – both are now part of DNV GL’s network of sub-contractors approved by the USCG for testing BWT systems.

3) Tested and approved to the lowest UV transmittance value (poor water quality) in the industry under full flow conditions, meeting the requirements of IMO Circ BWM.2/Circ.43c (Guidance for Administrations on the Procedure for Evaluating an Application for Type Approval of a Ballast Water Management System).

4) Land-based testing was conducted up to 1,250 cu m per hour capacity to verify the efficacy of the system at higher flow rates, meeting the requirements of IMO circular BWM.2/Circ.33 (Guidance on the Scaling of Ballast Water Management Systems). To date, this is the largest flow land-based test of a BWT system, Trojan claimed.

5) Tested and approved in all three salinity ranges - brackish, fresh and marine.

A Trojan spokesman told ‘Tanker Operator’ that the system is being marketed to the tanker segment. 

He said that the company also has an EX certification for each model.  Formal EX certification is expected in the coming weeks, as all EX testing has been successfully completed.  “We are essentially waiting on the paperwork,” he said.

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