ECDIS centres ramp up operations

Apr 13 2013

The huge effort to get the thousands navigators trained on type specific ECDIS equipment goes on. Here we highlight two company’s initiatives.

UK based ECDIS training and consultancy company ECDIS Ltd has launched a new on board familiarisation course specifically for Kelvin Hughes’ MantaDigital widescreen software.

Kelvin Hughes’ latest ECDIS software has been on the market since 2012 and as a result, ECDIS Ltd has now produced its own training solution, which meets the requirement of the ISM code and Safety Management System training requirements.

John Ritchie, ECDIS Course Manager at ECDIS Ltd, said, “Kelvin Hughes are constantly evolving, and a particularly strong example of this is the new MantaDigital Widescreen software. We are delighted to be their international independent training partner and will continue to match the development of their ECDIS software with the highest standard of professional courses.”

Natalie Robson, Marketing Manager at ECDIS Ltd, added, “It has been a real pleasure getting to know another ECDIS system, allowing us to provide a realistic and balanced training course for the mariner. The MantaDigital Widescreen has taken a fresh approach to ECDIS bearing little resemblance to the previous versions, highlighting the need for mariners to be trained in each system.”

Meanwhile, FURUNO has established training facilities in India and the Philippines through close co-operation with the newly established Moloobhoy Training Centre in Mumbai and the Veritas and Compass training centres in the Philippines.

The three training centres have started to provide the two-day FURUNO type specific ECDIS training course under the NavSkills umbrella having their instructors trained in Denmark and under the subsequent on-site training syllabus provided by FURUNO INS Training Centre also located in Denmark.

This means that the two training centres offer the identical training to the training provided from FURUNO’s own training centres in Denmark and Singapore, as well as other NavSkills training centres already established.

“It is a good step forward in providing type specific ECDIS training locally in Asia and by adding these three major hubs to our training network we are able to service our good customers even better,” said managing director Yutaka Wada, head of FURUNO’s training organisation. “We look forward to this new cooperation and we rest assure that our customers will experience many advantages out of it.”

AS Moloobhoy has been FURUNO’s national distributor in India for several years with offices in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and many other places in India. The company has been servicing the maritime industry in India for more than 100 years and has now established the first training centre in its Mumbai headquarters.

This training centre can accommodate up to six navigators per training course and the centre is providing the training on real FURUNO equipment, which allows for a better familiarisation. The FURUNO type specific ECDIS training course is approved by ClassNK.


FURUNO has expanded its ECDIS type specifc training outreach.


Compass Training Centre is located in Manila and has been providing training to the maritime industry for two years. This centre was carefully selected by FURUNO as a partner to provide type specific ECDIS training based on its experience as a training provider and its high standards in training services, which fully met FURUNO’s criteria to become an accredited training provider. Compass has a wide range of training courses.

The other Manila-based training centre, Veritas Maritime Training Center, has also joined the FURUNO NavSkills network.

Since December 2012, Veritas MTC has provided FURUNO type specific ECDIS training to navigators under the NavSkills training contract.

Under the NavSkills agreement Veritas MTC will accommodate a total of six training workstations: Four ECDIS FEA-2107 workstations and two next generation, stateof- the-art FMD-3200 workstations with three training instructors certified by FURUNO to conduct FURUNO type specific ECDIS training.

This training centre is a part of Epsilon Hellas (Overseas) and was established in January 2012. The company is engaged in providing training to Philippine shipboard personnel on seagoing vessels.

More specifically, the training centre is committed to provide quality training programmes, facilities, instructors and other necessary resources that will ensure skill advancement of maritime professionals, FURUNO said.

Under the NavSkills contract, the training centre is able to provide modern, state-of-theart training equipment with constantly updated learning content and software to comply with current training standards and regulations.

The type specific ECDIS training is provided in accordance with the standard set by FURUNO, which is in compliance with currently known requirements from various flag states and other stakeholders.

The NavSkills training concept ensures that the training course is conducted in the same way, with the same content and duration and using the same teaching methods as employed by FURUNO in its own training centres in Denmark and Singapore. This way a shipowner can use any accredited NavSkills training centre without having to worry about the quality of the training provided, the company claimed.

FURUNO believes that the best results are derived from classroom training provided by training centres where the trainees have the opportunity of having direct two-way communication with the instructor, who can guide and advise them on the various topics.

With the addition of these new NavSkills training facilities, FURUNO is able to provide type specific ECDIS training in Germany, Turkey, Greece, Singapore, India, The Philippines, China and Denmark.

In addition, FURUNO is currently working on further expanding the training network by establishing similar co-operations with training centres in the US, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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