Direct damage stability for tankers discussed

(Sep 02 2014)

The IMO has adopted guidelines and applicable IMO Code amendments for the mandatory carriage of damage stability verification instruments on board new and existing tankers.*

IMO accepts pressure sensors and alarm systems

(Apr 01 2014)

The question of pressure alarms and sensors has now come to a head.

Lessons learned from ISO PAS 28007 pilot audits

(Mar 03 2014)

An update on the ISO 28007 pilot audit process was given at a seminar held in London on 29th January, 2014*.

Cargo overpressure: relieving the pain of compliance

(May 13 2013)

Tanker owners and operators face increasing scrutiny over system requirements designed to minimise the risk of cargo overpressure, with tighter regulations due to take effect from this summer.

Another fine mess for tanker owners

(Jan 31 2013)

What is claimed to be slipshod drafting in an IMO document has set in motion a battle for the hearts, minds and money of chemical tanker operators and owners that is being fought not on the high seas, but in the drydocks of the world, writes Brian Wa...

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