Silicone curative introduced for top coats

(Sep 02 2014)

SiVance, LLC, a subsidiary of Milliken & Co, has introduced the patented SiVance C1008 curative, a new silicone curative that is claimed to significantly improve the durable flexibility of epoxy polysiloxane protective top coats in marine and other a...

Diversification is the key for ship repairers

(Mar 03 2014)

The four major repairers in the area have all had a reasonable amount of success by diversifying away from their core business of bread and butter ‘haircut and shaves’ into other areas, such as the offshore sector.

Chemical tank cleaning animated video launched

(Nov 30 2013)

Indian-based training video supplier KARCO has released Chemical Tanker Cleaning - A Simple Understanding, Vol 1&2.

Consider seawater propeller shaft lubrication

(Nov 30 2013)

Seawater is a free environmentally acceptable lubricant (EAL) under the forthcoming US Environment Protection Agency Vessel General Permit (VGP).*

New cleaning product series introduced

(Nov 30 2013)

Marine Care, based at Maassluis, outside Rotterdam, has introduced a series of on board cleaning products under the banner of GreenCare.

Crew competency and cost control

(Oct 24 2013)

With the constant pressure on shipping companies to minimise costs yet make their vessels as efficient as possible, it is often a scenario that sees many ship operators turn to outsourcing as a way to strike the balance.*

Maintenance a key issue on board

(Oct 22 2013)

German-based shipping software and service provider, INTERSCHALT maritime systems, has developed a concept to maintain navigation and communications systems on board ship.

Cost-efficient solution to meet lower emission levels

(Oct 16 2013)

The new tightened sulphur emission rules will become effective in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the English Channel and North America in 2015 and as a result, the time for making the alterations required by the new regulations is fast approaching.

New synthetic lubricant range launched

(Oct 16 2013)

ExxonMobil Marine, an affiliate of Exxon Mobil Corp, has introduced the patented Mobil SHC Aware, a new comprehensive series of synthetic, environmentally acceptable lubricants.

Reducing thruster downtime

(Oct 14 2013)

A new thruster monitor has been introduced, which is claimed to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

A free guide to optimising vessel lubricants

(Aug 31 2013)

Fathom, the information specialists on maritime eco-efficiency, has launched a free publication series for the maritime industry.

Single cylinder oil solution challenged

(Aug 31 2013)

Castrol Marine has welcomed new guidance from Wärtsilä that undermines claims that mid-range base number (BN) oils represent a single cylinder oil solution for marine 2-stroke engines.

Vessel monitoring goes into the clouds

(Aug 31 2013)

ESRG has introduced a cloud-based total vessel monitoring and analytics system, specifically for the marine industry.

Which luboil do I choose?

(Aug 31 2013)

More and more vessels are burning different levels of sulphur fuels, which despite some claims to the contrary, are affecting main engines.

Cylinder liner monitoring cuts costs

(Jun 30 2013)

Since the UK-based Kittiwake Group, which included Kittiwake Developments, Kittiwake Procal and Kittiwake Holroyd, was acquired by the Parker Hannifin Corp last year, the group has benefited from a much greater access to the market and Parker's stron...


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