Application scope for vibrating fork level switch expanded

(Sep 02 2014)

Emerson Process Management has expanded the application scope for its patented Rosemount 2120 range of vibrating fork point liquid level switches.

Vessel safety comes a step closer

(Sep 01 2014)

Inmarsat has announced details of its forthcoming Maritime Safety Data Service (MSDS) for Fleet Broadband.

BASS upgrades management offering - wins order

(May 01 2014)

Leading shipping management software house BASS has launched the patented BASSnet 2.9 fleet management system.

Terminal connections evolve with new satcoms offerings

(May 01 2014)

The market for maritime satcoms services for ships and indeed tankers is moving fast.

Providing the right ENC service at the right time is vital

(May 01 2014)

As can be seen from our Satcoms feature on pages 26-32 May TO issue, it is now much easier to send electronic data to vessels, as the satcoms service providers are increasingly offering more bandwidth and transmission speeds at little extra cost.

How to implement and write ECDIS procedures

(May 01 2014)

The UKHO has published an ECDIS guide in which the reader is taken through various stages of electronic chart operations from the very beginning.*

Cyprus concern launches web-based bunker transaction tool

(Apr 01 2014)

What is claimed to be the world’s first real time buying and selling marine fuel platform was launched by Cyprus-based newly formed company Bunkering at Sea (BAS) last year.

New engine for MR series

(Mar 03 2014)

Last December, Waterfront Shipping confirmed that it had reached an agreement with Mitsui OSK (MOL), Westfal-Larsen (WL) and Marinvest/Skagerack Invest to build six MRs, with an option for an additional three.

Leading mini-VSAT Broadband supplier seeks new markets

(Jan 01 2014)

Maritime communications network operator and hardware supplier KVH is planning further co-operative deals with software service suppliers to deliver applications over the mini-VSAT Broadband service.

Enhanced antenna operations for new generation of satcoms

(Nov 30 2013)

Maritime satellite antenna manufacturer Intellian has introduced several new initiatives to enhance communications on board ship, both for operations and crew leisure.

USCG AMS acceptance gains ground

(Nov 30 2013)

The US Coast Guard is leading the way with ballast water treatment system (BWTS) regulations and has agreed to issue an ‘Alternate Management Systems (AMS)’ certification ahead of the ratification of the IMO’s convention.

Will the rush to fit systems induce scrapping?

(Nov 30 2013)

McQuilling Services looks to the future in an industry note on the subject of ballast water treatment.*

Stability calculationspaper or PC?

(Oct 15 2013)

When verifying stability compliance, which is best for your ship - paper or PC?*

Rudder protection coating launched

(Oct 13 2013)

Following more than 10 years of strenuous testing, Subsea Industries, a Hydrex company, has launched what it claims is the ultimate rudder protection coating.

Charity begins at home – or does it?

(Aug 31 2013)

What happens when you are abandoned on a vessel for a considerable period of time and thousands of miles away from home and your family?


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