Sustainable goals should be identified

(Sep 02 2014)

Having sustainable goals are the key to reducing emissions in the shipping industry, a leading shipmanagement concern stressed.*

Freezing injunctions and pollution claims

(Sep 02 2014)

The Commercial Court has granted insurance and P&I service provider Gard a freezing order over the assets of the 1971 International Oil Pollution Compensation (IOPC) Fund.*

Increased Arctic transits worry insurers

(Aug 22 2014)

The insurance industry has issued a warning about the perceived inadequacies of ships sailing in Arctic waters, especially those involved in the oil and gas sectors.

Carbon credits for hull efficiency

(May 01 2014)

AkzoNobel’s International marine coatings business and The Gold Standard Foundation recently unveiled a new marine-based methodology to reward improved vessels’ fuel efficiency.

‘Eco’ thinking comes to the fore

(Apr 01 2014)

Univan Ship Management has outlined what the company calls ‘Eco Thinking’ in its latest newsletter by offering advice on a number of areas where energy conservation can be achieved.

Exxon Valdez - 25 years on

(Mar 31 2014)

Last week marked the 25th anniversary of the ‘Exxon Valdez’ grounding.

Safety improvements reflect on casualty numbers

(Mar 21 2014)

The International Salvage Union (ISU) said that the total quantity of pollutants salved by its members was slightly less than in 2012, although the overall picture is consistent over the two years.

New IMO committee discusses IBC Code

(Mar 03 2014)

At the inaugural session of the IMO’s new sub-committee on Pollution Prevention and Response (PPR 1), formerly the BLG committee, held between 3rd and 7th February, the principal issues discussed are outlined below.*

Ballast Water Management briefing issued

(Aug 31 2013)

Shipowners will soon be obliged to address new and expensive regulations to deal with ballast water.

LPG carriers prove popular with Wärtsilä

(Jun 30 2013)

LPG carrier is to be fitted with a Wärtsilä AQUARIUS UV ballast water management system (BWMS).

The great emissions reduction challenge

(Jun 30 2013)

What approach should the industry take to reduce CO2 emissions from existing vessels?*

Waste heat recovery from auxiliary engines

(Jun 30 2013)

Alfa Laval has revealed details of the new Aalborg XS-TC7A waste heat recovery (WHR) economiser.

On board testing services for continuous emissions data

(May 19 2013)

As increasingly strict government and international maritime regulations are phased in to reduce harmful emissions produced by large vessels, the need for on board, in-use testing services capable of delivering the accurate, continuous emissions data...

NOx solution for emission control areas

(May 13 2013)

Eminox has turned its attention to marine engines in preparation for the Tier III legislation coming into force in 2016.

Welcome to Nor-Shipping!

(May 13 2013)

This year, the or-Shipping organisers are to establish a common arena for many of the social activities - Nor-Shipping Island.

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