Gard seeks closure in ‘Nissos Amorgos’ case

(Mar 21 2014)

Gard has filed proceedings in the English High Court of Justice against the 1971 IOPC Fund to resolve outstanding issues in the ‘Nissos Amorgos’ oil spill incident.

Engine room fires still prevalent

(Feb 28 2014)

“Lessons are still not being learned when it comes to preventing engine room fires.” said Graeme Temple, regional director for Braemar SA’s Far East operations.

Enclosed space entry - a deadly serious issue

(Oct 01 2013)

"Preventing deaths in enclosed spaces is a serious issue. It is a deadly serious issue, and one which the marine industry has to come to grips with," said David Patraiko The Nautical Institute's director of projects.

Operational and management problems highlighted

(Oct 01 2013)

During Tanker Operator's Hamburg conference last month, there was a lively debate encompassing the theme of the human element and the art of leadership and management.

WSS expands in Antwerp

(Oct 01 2013)

Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) has opened a new FRS (fire, rescue & service) centre and safety training academy in Antwerp, Belgium.

Gearing up for MLC 2006

(Jun 30 2013)

There have been many initiatives announced aimed either wholly, or partly to cater for the forthcoming Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC 2006), due to enter force on 20th August.

Lifeboat release and retrieval systems addressed

(Jun 30 2013)

Under the new IMO regulations issued in May, 2011, all lifeboat release and retrieval systems (LRRS) must have been evaluated and verified against new requirements no later than 1st July this year.

Walport tackles the human element

(Apr 01 2013)

Walport Maritime Training Films has launched its latest film - The Human Element.


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