Greek tanker operators distance from Venezuelan trade

(Jun 18 2020)

Greece-based tanker operators NGM Energy and Dynacom Tanker Management, with tankers included in a recent list of US sanctions, have said that ships under their management will no longer load cargoes in Venezuela.

US sanctions prompt Greek shipowners to cease Venezuela oil activity

(Jun 18 2020)

Greek shipowners have pledged to stop commercial activity with Venezuela.

Iran prepared to retaliate if U.S. stopped Venezuela-bound tankers

(Jun 18 2020)

An Iranian news agency close to the elite Revolutionary Guards said on Saturday Iran’s naval forces were preparing to target U.S. commercial vessels in the Gulf last month in case U.S. forces interfered with Venezuela-bound Iranian oil tankers.

Oil tankers queuing off Chinese coast proof of rapid rebound

(Jun 04 2020)

Queues of tankers have formed off China’s busiest oil ports amid a rapid rebound in fuel demand.

Last oil tanker in Iranian flotilla reaches Venezuela

(Jun 04 2020)

The oil tanker ‘Clavel,’ the last of a five-tanker Iranian flotilla, has made it to Venezuela’s shores to deliver much-needed gasoline.

Tehran urges IMO to begin legal proceedings against US threat on Iranian tankers

(Jun 04 2020)

In a video conference with Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Kitack Lim, the CEO of Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) Mohammad Rastad criticized US' threats against the Iranian oil tankers carrying gasoline to Ven...

Asia, Fight against COVID-19

(May 28 2020)

The Asian Shipowners’ Association (ASA) held its 29th Annual General Meeting on 28th May 2020.

Vortexa Insights: US crude to Asia & scrubbers

(May 28 2020)

In US Insights this week, we focused on the strong support Asia has lent US crude flows in recent weeks, pointing to resilient demand - especially in East Asia.

US issues sanctions warning on oil shipping

(May 21 2020)

The US administration issued an advisory to the maritime industry on preventing violations of US sanctions last week, but stopped short of threatening strict penalties against shipping market participants.

Vortexa Snapshot: US, European naphtha glut finds home in Asia

(May 14 2020)

Naphtha arrivals into Asia are set to rise to their highest in at least four years in May, Vortexa data show.

Ships storing oil at sea supporting crude tanker market

(May 14 2020)

Over 100 tankers are estimated to be storing tens of millions of barrels of crude oil at sea, said the chief executive of leading tanker group Euronav last Thursday.

Delaying the Inevitable

(Apr 30 2020)

Gibson Shipbrokers weekly tanker market report.

OPEC+ production cuts will end profitable crude oil tanker journeys

(Apr 23 2020)

Members of OPEC and allies (OPEC+), agreed to a historic production cut of 9.7 million barrels of crude oil per day (m/bpd) to reduce the massive production overhang and set a price floor to limit the fall in oil prices.

Saudis considering re-routing vessels headed to US - Reuters

(Apr 23 2020)

Saudi Arabia is considering re-routing vessels headed to the US, according to a Reuters report. It follows a tweet from US Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, sent on Tuesday Apr 21 "“My message to the Saudis: TURN THE TANKERS THE HELL AROUND"

Turkish tanker suspected of carrying migrants off Chios

(Apr 08 2020)

A Turkish tanker suspected of carrying migrants was followed by Greece's coastguard, before being sent back to a Turkish port.

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