Shipping needs to prepare for coronavirus restrictions warns Hill Dickinson

(Jan 30 2020)

The shipping industry needs to be prepared for potential restrictions in order to prevent the further spread of the ‘Wuhan’ coronavirus, advises a leading maritime law firm.

Pirates release captured crew-members of Greek tanker 'Happy Lady

(Jan 23 2020)

The eight crew-members of the Greek-flagged tanker "Happy Lady", among them five Greek nationals, that had been taken by pirates in an attack near the coast of Cameroon were released on Wednesday.

Union Maritme - 19 of 20 crew hostages released

(Jan 20 2020)

Union Maritime reports that following the attack on its vessel (oil tanker MT DUKE) and abduction of 20 crew members on December 15, 19 of the crew members taken hostage were released by the criminal gang holding them.

Bosphorous collision tanker + fishing boat - 3 missing

(Jan 13 2020)

A Turkish flagged fishing boat collided with a Russian flagged tanker on Friday Jan 10, according to Turkish news reports quoting Istanbul Governor's office.

Saudi state oil tanker company suspending shipments through Hormuz - FT

(Jan 09 2020)

The Financial Times reports that Saudi state oil tanker company is suspending shipments through Hormuz following Iranian missile strikes on US military bases in Iraq.

Five Greeks abducted after tanker attacked in Cameroon

(Jan 09 2020)

Eight seamen, including five Greeks, were kidnapped after the Greek-flagged oil/chemical tanker HAPPY LADY was attacked early on December 31, 2019 some 2 nm SW of Limboh, Cameroon, where it was anchored.

Gulf of Guinea attacks continue

(May 01 2014)

For the past 18 months, the once prevalent threat of pirate attack around the Horn of Africa has almost diminished.*

Pirates attack tanker in the Malacca Straits

(Apr 28 2014)

Armed pirates boarded the small Japanese-controlled 4,999 dwt tanker ‘Naniwa Maru No 1’ in the Malacca Strait, off Port Klang last Tuesday.

USCG warning on Libya

(Apr 04 2014)

Earlier this week, the US Coast Guard (USCG) issued a Port Security Advisory regarding Libya.

Pirates attack tanker off Hormuz

(Apr 04 2014)

A tanker thought to be the 2003-built AMPTC controlled Aframax ‘Album’ came under attack in the Strait of Hormuz last Sunday.

Fight piracy – intelligently!

(Apr 01 2014)

The face of global piracy is constantly changing. E-Navigation technology offers a proactive complement to armed guards, by providing information that can prevent a confrontation. But what kind of information is actually required?*

Safeguarding Seafarers worldwide

(Apr 01 2014)

Piracy and armed robbery is one of the foremost threats facing the international shipping community today with over 2,700 seafarers attacked last year alone.

On board training is set for growth

(Apr 01 2014)

On board training has been around for several years, but has this method increased in recent times with the advent of more sophisticated communications packages? Tanker Operator spoke with Seagull’s managing director Roger Ringstad to gain his views ...

‘Morning Glory’ heads back to Libya

(Mar 21 2014)

The Aframax ‘Morning Glory’ was reported to be heading back to Libya on Wednesday after being seized earlier in the week by US commandos in the Mediterranean, the Pentagon said.

Gard seeks closure in ‘Nissos Amorgos’ case

(Mar 21 2014)

Gard has filed proceedings in the English High Court of Justice against the 1971 IOPC Fund to resolve outstanding issues in the ‘Nissos Amorgos’ oil spill incident.

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