Norwegian shipping climate neutral by 2050

(May 21 2020)

Shipping accounts for 2.2% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Norwegian shipowners are now taking a leading role in the fight against climate change.

Majority of marine fuel buyers anticipate price rises, but limited risk management in place

(May 21 2020)

Despite recent low bunker prices a significant proportion of marine fuel buyers still do not have any risk management strategies in place to mitigate anticipated price rises.

Maritime optimisation company DeepSea Technologies receives €3.0 million investment from ETF Partner

(May 07 2020)

DeepSea Technologies is pleased to announce the completion of a new €3.0 million investment by the London-based venture capital firm, ETF Partners, which oversees the Environmental Technology Funds.

GreenSteam – fuel efficiency advice from digital models

(Apr 30 2020)

Danish company GreenSteam builds digital models from historical data which can be used to provide advice to shipping companies about how to adjust speed and other factors to get the best fuel consumption.

Eco Marine Power commences feasibility study to install Aquarius MRE on Tanker

(Apr 30 2020)

Zero emission power and propulsion system for ships being prepared for installation.

How 2020 sulphur rules are turning out

(Apr 16 2020)

One of the biggest concerns brought about by 2020 sulphur rules is unexpected – the availability of traditional fuels at traditional prices. There are also concerns about mixing non compatible fuels and decreased lubricity, writes Neil Graham, techni...

Options for CO2 cutting fuels

(Apr 09 2020)

Reducing CO2 from vessel operations through performance improvements only gets you so far on CO2 – in due course, shipping companies will need to consider options for different fuels. ABS considers three options - light gas (LNG / hydrogen), heavier ...

Asahi / Mitsui / Mitsubishi’s plans for zero emissions tanker

(Apr 09 2020)

Asahi Tanker, Exeno Yamamizu Corporation, Mitsui OSK Lines and Mitsubishi Corporation announced plans to build the first zero emission tanker by mid-2021.

LNG as marine fuel - the first step towards deep-sea shipping GHG reduction

(Apr 02 2020)

The Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel (SGMF) has released a video explaining why Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) is currently the only viable solution available that can cut emissions from deep-sea shipping as newer, cleaner options are developed.

Risk of environmental disaster as Safer tanker decays in Yemen

(Apr 02 2020)

Six Arab countries have filed a request to the UN to access the Safer oil tanker — filled with 138 million litres of Yemeni oil — to prevent an environmental disaster of drastic proportions.

Singaporean shipping company fined $1.65m for concealing illegal discharges of oily water

(Mar 26 2020)

Unix Line PTE Ltd., a Singapore-based shipping company, was sentenced Mar. 20 in federal court before U.S. District Court Judge Jon S. Tigar in Oakland, California, after previously pleading guilty to a violation of the Act to Prevent Pollution from ...

Nippon Paint Marine’s A-LF Sea chosen by leading LNG carrier operator

(Mar 26 2020)

Piraeus-based gas carrier vessel operator Gaslog Ltd has opted to apply Nippon Paint Marine’s A-LF Sea hull coating as part of its current drydocking programme.

Gasum to supply Preem with renewable maritime fuel

(Mar 26 2020)

Nordic gas sector and energy market expert Gasum has entered into an agreement with Sweden’s largest fuel company Preem to supply their tankers with a new fuel blend consisting of liquefied natural gas and 10 per cent of renewable liquefied biogas.

The first potentially invasive species to reach the Antarctica on drifting marine algae

(Feb 06 2020)

Passengers into the cold “Plankton larvae can be transported by ballast water and survive during months.”

WE Tech Solutions drives energy efficiency for newbuild Donsötank tankers

(Feb 06 2020)

WE Tech Solutions, a leading energy efficiency solution provider for the maritime industry, has signed an agreement to deliver an integrated solution to two newbuild product and chemical tankers for Swedish shipowner Rederi AB Donsötank.

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