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May 2017

(Jun 21 2017)

Update on the piracy risk

BIMCO's market update

Norway - still the 6th largest shipping nation

Waterfront Shipping - one year anniversary of the first deepsea methanol powered vessels

The ballast water treatment system ordering rush?

Preventing cargo contamination and delivery shortfalls

A new liquefied ethylene gas carrier (LEG)

Raytheon claims the first "user defined" ECDIS

Fibre optic condition monitoring systems on tankers

Developments with exhaust gas cleaning systems

Developments with measuring and monitoring

Water absorption in tank coatings

COACH Solutions - a performance monitoring system born from Clipper Group

Eniram - how proper data validation and filtering saves costs and time

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Sept 2018

SMM - scrubbers - coatings - drones - ethane powered tankers - MEG4 - contaminated fuel oil