STS concern awarded ISO certificate

Sep 06 2013

DYNAMARINe has obtained an ISO 9001:2008 approval for its screening and risk assessment service.

This is the first time ever, such an ISO certificate is being awarded for an ship-to-ship transfer (STS) screening and assessment service, the company claimed.

DYNAMARINe said that it endeavoured to provide the highest possible quality on the service in order to align with the proactive decisions of the members that subscribe to the service.

The company’s major role is to provide technical expertise on STS safety issues, to support the Master with respect to risk associated elements, as well as offer services associated with the establishment of the reputation for technical operators.

In this respect, service introduced the following features earlier this year.

  1. Dedicated STS policies for tanker operators.
  2. KPIs and benchmarking.
  3. STS self-assessment process.
  4. Dedicated STS crew matrix experience.


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