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VLCCs on a roll ahead of OPEC meeting

(Nov 21 2014)

VLCC owners have had a good run this year, with average spot earnings on the benchmark trade from the Middle East to Japan at $24,500/day (mid-November), the highest level since 2010.

Markets - US LPG exports and Suezmax rates soar

(Nov 21 2014)

Thus far this year, US export LPG demand has recovered from a downturn in 2013, mainly due to the weather.

TORM in non-compliance with loan facilities

(Nov 21 2014)

One of the progress milestones that TORM agreed to in its restructuring programme specified that by 20th November, 2014 the company will agree

EIA launches crude oil import analysis tool

(Nov 21 2014)

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) has released a US Crude Oil Import Tracking Tool that allows policy makers, analysts and others to more easily track trends in crude oil imports.

Gulf of Guinea- no room for complacency

(Nov 21 2014)

Unconfirmed reports of a pirate attack off the Nigerian coast recently show the area is still volatile and there must be no room for complacency, said maritime security company MAST.

STS issues addressed

(Nov 21 2014)

Ship-to-ship (STS) cargo transfers off West Africa is still causing the legal and insurance world problems.

Chem tanker delivered with unique cargo tanks

(Nov 21 2014)

What is claimed to be the world’s first chemical tanker to use a combination of duplex stainless steel and stainless clad steel in its cargo tanks was delivered to Oita-based Hiro Naviera on 15th November, 2014 by Usuki Shipyard.

Gasoil to be dominant fuel in 2015

(Nov 21 2014)

The International Energy Agency (IEA) forecast said that it expected the ratio of heavy sulphur fuel oil to marine gasoil in European bunker fuel consumption to go from 80:20 to 70:30 from January next year.

BIMCO’s bunker contract nears completion

(Nov 21 2014)

BIMCO has moved a step closer to publishing its Standard Bunker Contract 2015.

Over 100 ships detained for MLC violations

(Nov 21 2014)

During the first 12 months after the entry into force of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC, 2006), 113 ships were detained by Paris MoU members who had ratified the convention in time.

North and Standard clubs announce premium increases

(Nov 21 2014)

The North P&I club is to invoke an overall premium increase of 4.75% for P&I cover at next February’s renewal with a minimum increase per member of 2.5%.

Masters night orders under microscope

(Nov 21 2014)

The London P&I Club said its ship inspection department had recently observed a number of negative findings in connection with Masters’ night order books.

Marshall Islands flag growth unceasing

(Nov 21 2014)

As of the end of October 2014, the Marshall Islands (RMI) flagged fleet stood at just over 112 mill gt and 3,300 vessels.

On board risks assessed by DNV GL

(Nov 21 2014)

DNV GL is using Palisade’s PrecisionTree and patented RISK decision support software to determine the risk of an incident occurring to a ship, or its systems and the consequences should one occur.

Another two broking houses to merge

(Nov 21 2014)

Following the announcement of merger talks between brokers Clarkson and Platou, ICAP has announced that it is in talks with Howe Robinson.


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