Alphatron to use Setel IP network

Jul 01 2016

Alphatron Marine and Setel PowerLine have signed a reseller and installation partner agreement.

This agreement will enable Alphatron to wirelessly use the AlphaEye with integrated CCTV camera system on Setel PowerLine’s IP network, allowing a connection while almost anywhere on board a vessel.  

The IP network is established over the existing electrical infrastructure of the vessel, thereby removing the need for time consuming, risky, complex and expensive industrial ethernet re-cabling.

Owners and charterers are increasingly requiring WiFi networks and extended LAN’s throughout their vessels to improve internal connectivity, ultimately to enhance ship operational efficiency and to provide crew, among numerous other capabilities, with a higher quality internet connectivity.

With the launch of the AlphaEye, Alphatron has provided mobile audio visual remote support to its customers. With AlphaEye, the crew can connect through a dedicated (VSAT, 3G or 4G) communication link, directly with the expert in the Alphatron Marine office or help desk from business partners.

This link provides shore engineers with live audio and visual contact, to experience and better understand the issues the crew are facing.

“With the AlphaEye capability operated on the Setel PowerLine IP backbone, we are able to provide fast and effective remote diagnosis to our clients and shipowners. With a coverage through the entire ship, we enable also other sub-contractors on board with the same functionality,” said Jeroen Kortsmit, Alphatron Marine global business development. “We already see significant cost savings arising from the reduced on board engineering deployments and travel time, usually associated with conventional technical and mechanical support. In some cases this may even be up to 20% of the yearly support and maintenance budget.”

“The momentum for owners requiring ever increasing bandwidth to their vessels is irreversible, matched only by their need to bring their ships up to speed with modern technology. As the market waits for improved charter rates, controlling costs is a critical component of every shipowner and/or operator. We see this technology, providing almost instant ship-wide networks as an essential proponent to enable such solutions as Alphatron have developed to this trend,” said Sebastian Moore, Setel Powerline director. 

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