Chemical tank cleaning animated video launched

Nov 30 2013

Indian-based training video supplier KARCO has released Chemical Tanker Cleaning - A Simple Understanding, Vol 1&2.

Based on practical approach to this perceived complex operation on board chemical tankers, this video of 35 minutes (Vol 1 & 2) covers the key elements, which lead to an effective and economical tank cleaning, the company explained.

The salient points of this video are:

Vol 1- Understanding the Tank Cleaning principals (20 mins)

  • Developed purely from operational point of view using the 3D animation platform.
  •  Personal, safety & pollution issues beyond the scope of this video.
  • Endeavours to decipher the perceived complex procedures of cleaning a chemical tanker.
  • Approaches the cleaning procedure based on the physical and chemical (product ) characteristics of cargoes rather than a commercial ‘from-to’ suggestion.
  • Uses an imaginary 3D animated character to visualise the effect of tank cleaning inside a tank being cleaned for easy understanding.
  • Comprehend the importance of key elements of pressure, temperature of water for cleaning.
  • Understand the bearing of tank coatings on cleaning of cargo tanks along with their resistance to chemicals.
  •  Evaluate the different ways of carrying out chemical wash of the tanks.
  • Pay attention to the information to be extracted from guides & publications.
  • Understand the different tank cleaning machines used for cleaning and their comparative advantages.
  • Walk through with a detailed procedure of prewash (steam, water, chemical), main wash, chemical wash, freshwater rinsing, steaming & drying.
  • Respect the effect of surrounding environment on tank cleaning operations.
  • Be guided by a tank cleaning checklist developed keeping above factors in mind.
  • A brief text description of couple of commonly executed tank cleaning operations.

Vol 2 –Tank Inspection and Wall Wash Tests (15 mins)

  • Understand the terms – ‘Water White or Visual’ standard & ‘Wall Wash or High Purity’ standard being explained visually.
  • Understand what constitutes a standard wall wash test kit.
  • Respect the need of diligent personal operational precautions for taking wall wash samples.
  • Visually comprehend the correct procedure of taking wall wash samples inside the cargo tanks.
  • Clearly view the four basic and most relevant wall wash tests of wall wash standard being conducted viz- 1. colour, 2. hydrocarbon test, 3. chloride test, 4. Permanganate time test (PTT)
  • Understand some basic additional tests, such as acid colour etc, described briefly.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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