Chemical tanker delay averted

Dec 15 2017

Hydrex received an emergency call late on a Friday afternoon to carry out a permanent insert repair on board a 145 m long chemical tanker that had suffered a crack in its port side grey water tank.

The work was carried out during the vessel’s call in Amsterdam.


In close communication with the superintendent of the vessel and the attending class surveyor, it was decided that a 700 x 300 mm insert would need to be installed. A steel mobdock that fits the rounded shape of the hull and the new insert plate were fabricated at Hydrex headquarters in Antwerp.


After the mobdock had been installed, diver/technicians cut away the crack and the surrounding area. The new insert plate was then positioned and welded with full penetration weld following a class-approved procedure. An independent NDT inspector approved the insert repair and the class surveyor who was present during the operation gave the green light.


By removing the large crack and installing a new insert, this area of the ship will not require further repairs during her next drydocking. The repair was carried out well within the stipulated time frame.


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