Denmark unveils new strategy

Dec 15 2017

Danish Shipping chairman, Claus Hemmingsen, presented the organisation's new strategy - ‘Ahead of the Curve’ at the end of last week.

This strategy, which covers the next four years, focuses on competencies, digitisation and technological development as catalysts for continued growth in the future.


Part of the strategy aims at growing the Danish-flagged fleet by more than 10% in terms of tonnage, and a minimum of 10% measured in the number of ships, during the period. Furthermore, it is planned to increase onshore employment to 7,000 people, while maintaining at least a constant number of Danish seafarers.


The shipping industry must increase its visibility, as an engaged political stakeholder. To achieve this Danish Shipping should continue to develop as an influential and significant voice for the Danish shipping community - both internationally and in Denmark to ensure continued growth, the organisation said.


"It is our ambition that Denmark stays a leading shipping nation globally by being ahead of the curve. Danish shipping companies must continue to create value for customers, partners and locally, while also acting as responsible industry leaders. This requires framework conditions that are best in class and an approach where we as an organisation actively influence the development of the shipping industry, thus paving the way for global shipping to grow with a minimal footprint on our surroundings," Hemmingsen said.


The strategy includes five strategic objectives for Danish Shipping for the coming four years.


In addition to further developing the already competitive framework conditions, an objective is to support the IMO as an effective governing body that delivers timely responses to global issues, such as the regulation of the shipping industry’s impact on the climate and the environment.


Other objectives are a greater focus on competencies, new technology and maritime innovation, which has the potential to change the shipping industry.


"Education, digitisation and maritime innovation and research will take up even more of our agenda in the coming years. We must further develop our maritime competencies in Denmark, so we have a solid supply of qualified employees. This applies both at sea, but also onshore, where digital competencies and an understanding of the latest technological trends will be crucial to maintaining the shipping companies' competitiveness," explained Hemmingsen.


As a consequence of the strategy, Danish Shipping’s organisation was reshuffled in November. With a new organisation and a larger management team, more organisational resources are devoted to deliver the objectives that are prioritised with the new strategy.


"We have changed the organisation to deliver on the strategic objectives and targets. We now look forward to continued close co-operation with our members and partners, so that we can advance Danish shipping with an ambition to be ahead of the curve in order to increase our influence," says Anne Steffensen, Danish Shipping CEO.


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