Green Award raises tariffs- welcomes new incentive providers

Jan 08 2016

For 2016, the Green Award tariffs for oil, chemical tankers and LNGCs will be indexed with an inflation rate and slightly increased.

This means a rise of 2% in total, compared to last year’s tariff, the organisation said.

The discount scheme for the application fee introduced in 2014 will remain valid. A significant discount is offered for those companies applying for certificates with five or more vessels simultaneously or if less than five ships are signed up, a discount is still available based on the total number of company ships in the Green Award scheme, including the ones joining.

A few more companies have also joined the scheme recently as incentive providers.

For example, on the 16th December last year, SIGNALIS Holdings joined the Green Award Foundation. SIGNALIS now provides a discount to other Green Award incentive providers, such as ports.

SIGNALIS is the first vessel traffic services (VTS) provider to join this scheme. Incentive providers now receive the company’s System Health Monitoring (SHM) Programme – STYRIS Line - free for the first 12 months.

Another incentive provider signed up is ship-to-ship transfer expert DYNAMARINe,  which has started to offer Green Award certificated ships a 5% discount on its service.

Finally, marine consultancy, Alpha Marine Consulting, will award certificate holders with a 10% discount on its services.

Alpha Marine specialises in ship design, marine engineering and management consulting services.  

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