Keynote speakers at chem/prod tanker conference

Jan 15 2016

At Navigate/IPTA’s 8th Chemical and Product Tanker Conference to be held on 8th-9th March, 2016 in London, two keynote speakers have been announced.

IMO secretary general Ki-tack Lim, was recently elected to head up the organisation with a clear platform for change and has pledged to focus on achieving global recognition for IMO standards and on implementation, capacity building, reducing the financial burden on member states and adopting a global approach to all IMO activities.

Dr Gabrielle Walker, leading climate change and energy expert will stir up the debate on shipping’s impact on the natural environment.

In what is described as a provocative presentation, Dr Walker will outline her thoughts on how the climate is being affected by trade and commerce and how businesses can grow in a new way, fit for the resource, climate and demographic realities of the 21st century.  

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