KOTC and Springfield join onlineSTS.net

Apr 13 2017

Kuwait Oil Tanker Co (KOTC) and Springfield Shipping have both recently joined DYNAMARINe’s onlineSTS.net service.

Both companies are mainly involved in the ownership and management of crude oil tankers. KOT is also involved in LPG carriers.

DYNAMARINe said that the joining of these two traditional tanker companies in the members’ area of onlineSTS.net is valuable, as their profile in the tanker market as well as their more than 50 years history in the shipping industry, are highly regarded.

Springfield Shipping has taken a full membership package of satellite services along with Maran Tankers Management, including the following:

•             STS Drills, which delivers a real-time case study topics between vessels and DYNAMARINe. It enhances, the level of the preparedness and the perception of hazards from senior officers involved in the planning, decision making and successful execution of an STS operation.

•             STS Status, which is a certificate that describes the level of vessel compliance with IMO regulations and industry best practices for STS operations. It is a gap analysis survey that includes information on the vessel’s gear condition, adopted policies and procedures, crew training & preparedness.

•             e-learning course: This course provides information related to due diligence issues and best practices that will assist all participants in mitigating the encountered risks, while protecting their shipowner’s interests.

The arrival of the two companies increases DYNAMARINe and onlineSTS.net service registered fleet by 47 vessels, which now totals more than 900 entered ships.

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