London Club disappointed with ‘Prestige’ ruling

Jan 04 2019

The London Club expressed disappointment by the recent ruling of the Spanish Supreme Court in relation to the 2002 loss of the ‘Prestige’ after the vessel was refused a place of refuge.

The direction that the Spanish legal system chose has been disquieting to many parties for some time, and therefore, although frustrating, this comes as no surprise, the club said.

However, some comfort can be taken from the prior decision of the UK Court in 2015 that the claims are not enforceable against the Club beyond the CLC limit (in relation to which the amount was paid into court in Spain shortly after the casualty).

In the light of some confusion, the Club would like to clarify that this judgement addresses the total amount of assessed losses, and does not revisit the Club’s $1 bill policy limit, which remains applicable.

The Club will continue to work with all parties concerned in order to reach a fair and equitable solution, it said in a statement.


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