Maersk Tankers’ pools ready for scrubber-fitted vessels

Oct 04 2019

Maersk Tankers has announced that its pools are ready for scrubber-fitted vessels to trade alongside other vessels that will use IMO2020 compliant fuels.

The company explained that it uses its proprietary methodology Bunker Adjustment to distribute payments to pool partners based on the bunker consumption of their vessels, compared to the pool average.

To maintain a fair distribution, both for scrubber-fitted vessels and vessels using compliant fuels, the pool partners have unanimously agreed to change the Pool Agreement.

Key to this agreement was introducing an adjustment mechanism enabling vessels to be compensated appropriately for their relative fuel efficiency and costs. This mechanism will be based on invoiced bunker fuel prices and quantities and the actual relative consumption of the vessels to achieve a distribution which reflects the fuel economics available from the market.

“It was important for us to find a fair distribution system, which reflects the market value of scrubbers and fuel cost savings while maintaining all types of vessels trading in the same pool,” explained Ulrich Schittek, Maersk Tanker’s Head of Partner Relations.

It is expected that around 20 Maersk Tankers’ pool vessels will be fitted with scrubbers in the near future, it said.


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