Marichem Marigases joins Green Award

Feb 01 2019

Marichem Marigases has joined the network of Green Award incentive providers.

The company will reward Green Award certificate holders with additional discounts on the current price list: a 10% discount on anti-pollution kits and equipment and arc welding machines, and a 5% discount on the fuel additives range of products and high pressure cleaning machines.

On 25th January, 2019, Capt Dimitrios Mattheou, Green Award Foundation chairman, welcomed Marichem Marigases to the certification scheme. He said; "Clean air and seas, as well as the welfare of people, are the main areas to guard for every stakeholders of the shipping industry. Green Award, as a body-symbol of global environmental protection and excellence, manages through its inspiring vision and strategic actions to motivate every stakeholder of the shipping industry and achieve significant results.

“We are very confident that Marichem Marigases will clearly demonstrate a commitment to achieving the Green Award Foundation’s objectives, mission and vision with a unique orientation on environmental excellence and safety in shipping along with our prominent incentive providers," he said.

Matthew More, Marichem Marigases business executive, added. “Marichem Marigases prides itself in promoting environmental awareness; our participation in the Green Award Foundation underlines our commitment to environmental protection. The incentives offered are available to ship owners and operators who are members of the Green Award and will allow for a synchronised global response to pollution, highlighting both environmental and economic benefits, whilst promoting awareness for a sustainable future.”


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