‘Marine Express’ recovered - crew safe

Feb 09 2018

All 22 crew members of the hijacked MR product tanker ‘Marine Express’ were said to be safe after taken back control of their ship, the ship’s manager Anglo-Eastern reportedly said.

The vessel was allegedly attacked by pirates on 1st February while anchored off Benin, Gulf of Guinea.

Details of the rescue operation were not disclosed.

‘Marine Express’ was a Cotonou Anchorage, Benin, when communications with the vessel were lost.

“Full control of the vessel was resumed at approximately 04:00 Singapore time today (6th February). All crew members are reported to be safe and well, and the cargo of 13,5000 tonnes of gasoline remains on board,” Anglo-Eastern reportedly said.“We wish to express our gratitude to the captain and crew of the vessel and their families for their courage and fortitude in dealing with this difficult situation, as well as the authorities and agencies involved.”

An investigation into the hijacking is to be carried out.

‘Marine Express’ was the second tanker to be attacked in the region since the beginning of this year.

The Marshall Islands-flagged tanker ’Barrett’ and her crew members were taken at the beginning of January. However, they were released six days later.

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