Rivertrace addresses oily water discharge data collation

Sep 27 2019

Developer of water quality monitoring technology, Rivertrace, has created a new, web-based software system for the automatic collation of MARPOL oily water discharge data.

RIVERTRACE CONNECTED was developed by the company in partnership with UK software developer ISB, who has had more than 25 years’ experience in tailored software solutions.


This intuitive, subscription-based service has been created in response to industry needs and demands for the continuous monitoring of oily water discharge and simple, efficient operations, the company said.


The software system interprets, and records oily water discharge data received from Rivertrace’s SMARTSAFE ORB (Oil Record Book) Bilge Overboard Security System monitoring equipment. Data received from the SMARTSAFE ORB monitor is displayed on a RIVERTRACE CONNECTED dashboard interface, which facilitates both ship and fleet-level critical information for the user.


Aggregated data from the fleet can be displayed on the dashboard, allowing the user to rank ships in a league table from best to worst performing. The system’s vessel dashboard displays all data received for a particular ship within a specified period, including amounts discharged and speed of discharge, alongside equipment details, such as serial numbers, calibration, maintenance requirements, idle time, active time and prevented discharges.


It also offers a mapping function to show where discharges took place.


These features enable, RIVERTRACE CONNECTED to provide a fully auditable discharge data trail with timestamped entries for provision to port state control or/and other marine enforcing agencies, if required. In addition, the discharge data can be used as an automated entry into an electronic ORB, the company claimed.


In developing this advanced digital technology, Rivertrace said that it had responded to industry requirements for simpler recording and reporting of discharge data for compliance. The new software removes the challenges associated with hard-to-use discharge data, commonly presented in unreadable CSV files, and offers a system that displays the data in an easy to read and interpret format.


Furthermore, the software enhances the credibility of discharge data collected by minimising the risk of human error.


Martin Saunders, Rivertrace director, said: “Digital technology is changing the landscape of our industry and in launching RIVERTRACE CONNECTED, we are supporting our customers in their quest for simplified, continuous monitoring and efficient operations. As specialists in water quality monitoring we use our expertise and consistently push the boundaries of water analysis, the resulting offer to our customers being the new smart software system RIVERTRACE CONNECTED.”


RIVERTRACE CONNECTED is a monthly subscription-based service. For those shipowner/operators already using Rivertrace technologies, upgrading to the new smart software service is claimed to be straight forward.


The system can also be integrated with other third-party systems for environmental or condition monitoring.


Existing Rivertrace customers can take advantage of a year’s free service subscription to RIVERTRACE CONNECTED when purchasing a SMARTSAFE ORB monitoring system.


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