Safebridge introduces competence assessment tool

Jan 12 2018

Hamburg-based Safebridge has introduced CAT (Competence Assessment Tool).

This tool aims to evaluate crews’ competencies and to ensure compliance with the industry’s best practices and regulations.


The skills of each deck officer on board are of critical importance for their best performance. CAT-3S is the first assessment from the CAT portfolio that provides insights into the ‘soft’, non-technical skills of the seafarers.


While the routine jobs are automated, machines are unlikely to take over jobs that require complex co-ordination or social skills. According to research by Deloitte conducted in the transportation industry in 2015, employees’ social skills are even more important than their technical skills and this ratio will only increase in the coming years.


CAT-3S empowers companies to see beyond the education and technical expertise of their applicants during selection, to read between the lines of the performance appraisals of their employees and to make fact-based decisions as to whether a particular seafarer is ready to take over the responsibility of the higher rank. They can now test, evaluate and take action with CAT, examining all soft skills of their crew on board, Safebridge claimed.


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