STS mooring plans - a cause for concern

Apr 21 2017

Through its portal, DYNAMARINe has identified 12 areas of concern with submitted ship-to-ship cargo transfer mooring plans.

As part of the JPO (OCIMF STS Guide paragraph 5.2), a mooring plan should be prepared for both participating vessels. However, a number of different plans have been identified from Masters’ feedback.

It has become apparent that there is no uniformity on the minimum information expected, DYNAMARINe said.
The mooring plans provided depend on the computer skills of the responsible person rather than on procedures. Hence, there is no standard for Masters to follow and rely upon. This may result is confusion and delays during STS mooring operations, the company warned.

On the basis of feedback from Masters, members of the company’s service, proposed mooring plans should convey without limitation the following information:

1) Vessels should be shown in scale with actual displacements.
2) Chocks and closed openings should correspond with actual vessel fittings.
3) Mooring lines to be in accordance with OCIMF guidelines.
4) No mixed or crossed lines should appear.
5) Same location lines to run in parallel to the best possible extent.
6) Two mooring lines from the same chock should be avoided. In case more than one line passes from a unit chock, then protective sleeves should be used.
7) Fender position should be in scale in accordance to parallel body distances in actual vessel displacements.
8) Baby (secondary) fender position (both vertical and horizontal) - use of portable chocks where necessary.
9) Horizontal shifting of vessels (of similar size) should be depicted.
10) Deployment and collection order of mooring lines should be shown.
11) Vessel freeboard difference during an STS operation with adjustment of baby fenders should be evident.
13) Mooring tails & chock to chock distances should be taken into consideration, in cases of rope or wire tails.

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