Swedish Club announces no general increase

Dec 15 2017

At its board meeting last week, The Swedish Club marked its 145th anniversary by announcing zero percent general increase in P&I for the third year running.

Managing director Lars Rhodin told board members: “On this day, it was 145 years ago that a group of shipowners committed to the ethos of mutual support and joint liability met together in Gothenburg to plan for the business year ahead and develop strategies for the long term future of their new organisation.


“Today, we face a very different business environment, but then as now, the Club’s members chose to turn to the mutual model to provide the strength and flexibility to face the unknown.


“Coupled with that heritage we continue to offer innovation – the Club’s Maritime Resource Management (MRM) initiative has never been rivalled, and our emergency response training is earning positive comment from all areas of industry. Loss prevention is not about mere statistics, it provides concrete tools to prevent accidents and enhance safety at sea,” he said.


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