SMART MARINE named as representative in Azerbaijan for APC MarineLINE®

Aug 13 2020

Advanced Polymer Coatings, Inc., (APC) has newly appointed the company, SMART MARINE, to serve as its MarineLINE® sales and marketing representative in Azerbaijan.

As APC continues to grow its worldwide presence in the high performance coatings market, this entry into the country of Azerbaijan will present an excellent opportunity to talk with the many tanker shipping companies operating in the Caspian basin.

Smart Marine was established in January 2020 by merging together several well-known and established companies of the founders, Arti Denizcilik and Intelligent Design. Today, there are four equal partners that own and operate the company, Ayhan Yildizel, Ozgur Cagin, Orhan Demirburan, and Korhan Demirburan.

According to Ayhan Yildizel, “Smart Marine started its operations to offer sustainable, rapid and qualified services and solutions in the Caspian basin area, by unifying of resources of Intelligent Design, which has been working in Azerbaijan since 2005, and Arti Denizcilik, which has been in the maritime industry since 2001 working in Istanbul. At this time, we will be working to present the MarineLINE® tank coating system to our customers in Azerbaijan.” He adds, “Smart Marine represents 21 high qualified companies from USA, Europe, and Turkey mainly for the shipbuilding industry but we are also looking for new opportunities at oil refineries and the chemical transportation industry. We are glad to add MarineLINE® to our offering.”


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