OSG selects oneTank for aftpeak ballast treatment solution

Dec 03 2020

Overseas Shipholding Group (OSG) has chosen oneTank, a Seattle-based ballast water treatment system manufacturer, to provide an aftpeak ballast water treatment solution for vessels in their fleet.

Installation of the oneTank system will help bring OSG into compliance with international and US-based regulations requiring the treatment of all ballast water discharges.


oneTank gained International Maritime Organization BWMS Code approval in July 2020 and US Coast Guard Type Approval in September 2020.  Engineered as a low-cost ($65,000 per system) treatment option intended for vessels that do not need a complex solution, it is light and compact; the system has a footprint of just four square feet and requires only 15 amps of electrical power.  Where existing systems have mostly been developed with larger ships in mind, oneTank focuses on the aftpeak tank.


“The aftpeak tank is often an afterthought,” said oneTank Managing Director Kevin Reynolds.  “And then in shipyard it becomes a real challenge to install a complex, full-flow ballast treatment system for just one tank.  That’s why we developed oneTank—to make treating one or a few ballast tanks simple.  This simplicity results in an easier shipyard period and a lot of cost savings.”


oneTank treats tanks up to 4,000 cubic meters in volume.  No compressed air, fresh water, or other auxiliary supports are needed.  It has no filters to clog or clean, no ultra-violet bulbs and no electrolytic generators.  Treatment is achieved by applying and mixing bulk chemicals in-tank, with in-tank neutralization prior to discharge.  Users can treat on their own schedules, avoiding busy in-port times, and the system’s operation is fully automatic.


“We are excited to be able to show OSG what oneTank can do,” said Sean Ritchie, oneTank’s chief engineer.  “I’m feeling very confident that they will be happy with our product.”


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