Tanker Accident Database

Dec 10 2020

OCIMF and INTERTANKO have joined forces to create the Tanker Accident Database, an anonymous reporting tool for use by vessel owners and technical managers to document measurable accident data.

The main aim of the Tanker Accident Database is to help the industry learn from accidents that have occurred in order to help prevent repeat occurrences. The free-to-use database will collate a stock of anonymous tanker accident details which, over time, will allow for a root cause analysis of tanker accidents and aid with the identification of trends, helping to further advance maritime best practice and safety measures. Users can also benchmark their own fleet against wider industry data.


A key feature of the database is its security, with the anonymity of each user protected via a three-tier data protection model. In the interests of transparency, neither OCIMF nor INTERTANKO will have access to the data collection area, or any involvement with the running of the database itself – the platform being run instead by an independent concern.


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