Thun’s bunker tanker which sits on the seabed

Feb 04 2021

Thun Tankers has launched its first “NaabsaMAX” bunker tanker which can sit on the seabed, to be used in ports where the water runs out of the harbour basin at low tide.

Thun Tankers of Netherlands / Sweden has launched its first "NaabsaMAX" bunker tanker which is designed to sit on the seabed when where the water runs out of the harbour basin due to tidal differences.


It is designed with an extra strong bottom to allow this.


Naabsa is an acronym for "Not always afloat but safely aground."


The vessel also has a high aspect rudder and strong bow thruster for better manoeuvring, which is needed on tidal rivers, when operating in small ports at close quarters with other vessels.


It is chartered to Geos Group, which claims to be UK’s largest supplier of marine gas oil to the shipping and offshore industries.


Barry Newton, CEO of Geos Group, anticipates that the vessel will open up some “great commercial opportunities”, with "A new generation of coastal tankers in UK waters".


The vessel is owned by Thun Tankers, which is based in Delfzijl, The Netherlands. It is part of the Erik Thun Group, which has been operating tankers since 1952.


Today it operates 18 small vessels, of which 15 are fully owned and 3 belonging to its close partner Wisby Tankers. It has 4 small new buildings on order, with delivery expected 2020 to 2022. It has a further 5 intermediate size vessels in operation, and a further intermediate size vessel to be shortly delivered from a yard in China.


The vessel is managed by MF Shipping Group, a ship manager with a fleet of product and chemical tankers ranging from 3,000 to 18,000 DWT, multi-purpose vessels, based in the Netherlands.


The vessel was built in the Leer, Germany yard of Scheepswerf Ferus Smit B.V. It has a 4,800 m3 capacity, 4250 DWT, a length of 79.9m, beam 15m, coated with Jotun Flexline.


The company has already ordered a second 4,250 dwt NaabsaMAX product tanker, to be delivered in May 2022, also built at the same yard and to enter long term service with Geos Group.


Scheepswerf Ferus Smit has previously built more than thirty-five vessels for the Erik Thun Group.


It was launched sideways - a dramatic video of the launch is on YouTube at


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