Stream Marine Training and the University of Gibraltar form a collaborative partnership

Apr 15 2021

Stream Marine Training (SMT) and the University of Gibraltar have formed a collaborative partnership to provide MCA approved STCW courses and technical training for maritime students completing the new BSc (Hons) Maritime Science with Cadetship Programmes and seafarers.

The University has established the Gibraltar Maritime Academy and has the local resources required to teach trainees key skills such as fire-fighting techniques, which form part of the MCA approved fire-fighting courses.


SMT will offer its expertise in the form of its MCA approved online safety critical courses and advice from its trainers, many of whom are ex-mariners, who can relate the theory to real-life situations at sea.

In addition, the University is keen to capitalise on the 10,000 commercial vessel calls at the port of Gibraltar each year by offering visiting seafarers the opportunity to take advantage of its refresher courses and basic safety training programmes.   Similarly, as the cruise industry begins to open up again, the University is also able to provide the necessary mandatory training essential for the crews that make up the hundreds of Cruise Liner calls at the port of Gibraltar each year.

“'Working with the University of Gibraltar is a key initiative for SMT as we expand our global reach to share our expertise and knowledge to ensure crews receive proper accredited levels of training so they can perform their duties safely and competently,” said Colin McMurray, Group Managing Director of SMT.

“The University of Gibraltar is a highly respected educational institution providing degree level maritime courses to equip its students with the necessary qualifications for a successful career in the maritime industry. We are delighted to be able to assist the University in its ambitious plans to broaden its maritime training course portfolio to attract seafarers who want to refresh or upgrade their skill sets,” he added.

Commenting on the collaboration Aaron Lopez, Maritime Academy Manager (Ag) for maritime courses at the University of Gibraltar said, “This collaborative partnership will benefit the maritime industry as it combines the facilities and resources of the University with the knowledge and expertise of Stream Marine’s personnel in delivering MCA approved training programmes. Seafarers and students will be able to benefit from both companies working together to provide best in class maritime training and education for talented individuals that want a structured career path in shipping.”

“We are delighted to offer BSc (Hons) Maritime Science degrees, which are unique to the University of Gibraltar, as guaranteed, MCA-approved sea time placements with well-regulated and reputable shipping companies are included. This gives our graduates the opportunity to experience life at sea and gain the practical expertise required as a Merchant Navy Officer Cadet to qualify for a rewarding career in the maritime industry,” he added.

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