Tanker “Khoshbakht Yusifzade” launched on the Day of Oil Workers

Sep 23 2021

A new stage has begun in the construction of the “Academician Khoshbakht Yusifzade” oil tanker, which is being built at the Baku Shipyard LLC by order of the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping CJSC (ASCO).

The vessel was launched from the floating dock at the construction site of the plant using hydraulic carts.


On September 20 - the Day of Oil Workers, ASCO Chairman Rauf Veliyev, Baku Shipyard General Manager Imanverdi Khasanov, employees of both institutions, as well as honors students of the Azerbaijan State Marine Academy took part in the ceremony on ship launching.


ASCO Chairman Rauf Veliyev noted that in accordance with the Order signed by President Ilham Aliyev on January 15, 2020, the ship, launched for the next stage of construction, was named after the living legend of the oil industry, a prominent oil scientist and geologist, first vice-president of SOCAR, Academician Khoshbakht Yusifzadeh. This vessel is the third tanker to be built by order of ASCO at the Baku Shipyard. Prior to that, the plant successfully built and commissioned the same-type oil tankers "Lachin" and "Kelbajar".


Rauf Veliyev noted that over the past 8 years, ASCO's fleet has been enlarged by 18 new vessels. 10 such ships were ordered to be constructed on the Baku Shipyard. The cooperation in this direction will continue in the future due to special state support and care, as well as sufficient human resources. It is gratifying that among the many young people playing an active role in this area, there are also graduates of the Azerbaijan State Marine Academy.


The Chairman congratulated the ASCO and Baku Shipyard teams on the launching ceremony, expressed gratitude to everyone who participated in the construction process, and wished them success in their work.


The next speaker was the Chief Manager of the Baku Shipyard Imanverdi Khasanov, He spoke about the existing capabilities of the shipbuilding industry, as well as future goals. He noted that the Shipyard, which is constantly expanding its activities, demonstrates high professionalism and fulfills the assigned tasks in a timely manner.


He also stressed that the projects carried out in the framework of cooperation with ASCO are of great significance for our country. The most important thing is that the ships built and commissioned instill a sense of pride in each of us.


There were also provided detailed information on the parameters and technical indicators of the tanker "Academician Khoshbakht Yusifzade". It was noted that the concept of the ship was developed jointly with the Odessa Marine Engineering Bureau and experienced ASCO specialists. The ship belonging to the Volqa-Don MAX class can pass through the Volga-Don Canal with maximum carrying capacity. The length of the tanker "Academician Khoshbakht Yusifzade" is 141 meters, width - 16.9 meters, and height - 6 meters. A ship with a crew of 15 will be able to move at a speed of 10 knots per hour. The tanker, designed for the transportation of crude oil and oil products, has 6 cargo tanks with a total capacity of 9212 cubic meters. The vessel with a deadweight of 7,875 tons at sea and 5,447 tons in the river is equipped with two Wartsila engines, each with a capacity of 1200 kW.


After the speeches, the tanker “Academician Khoshbakht Yusifzade” was launched to start the next stage of construction. The students of the ASMA and the employees of the Shipyard pressed the launch button.


It should be noted that during the event, ASMA students got closely acquainted with the activities of the Baku Shipyard and new ships under construction.


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