Vaccination for international ocean-going seafarers

Sep 30 2021

Singapore has announced that it will offer vaccination to international ocean-going signing-on seafarers.

Signing-on crew who will board their vessel within 24 hours upon arrival will be directly transferred to the vaccination centre upon arrival in Singapore and directly transferred to the ship after their vaccination.


Vaccination will be offered to unvaccinated seafarers as well as seafarers who have taken their first Moderna vaccination shot 21 days before arrival in Singapore.


Vaccination is voluntary and by Informed Consent. Companies will pay for the vaccination of their seafarers.


The vaccination centre will commence operations on 30 September and operate from 2:00pm to 8:00pm Monday to Sunday. The last timing to accept seafarers for vaccination will be 7:30pm.


Prior application will be required 7 days prior OR when IPA is granted (whichever is earlier) at:


The following additional forms must be submitted to MPA together with all the remaining required documents, attached as Annex A, for Final-No-Objection (FNO):
- Form A: Enhanced Company’s Letter of Undertaking
- Form B: Crew’s Pre-Assessment Form
- Form C: Crew’s Health Declaration Form


Please refer to the Guidebook on Seafarers Vaccination in the Port of Singapore, for the eligibility, documentation, application, and compliance details at:


For information about operations in Singapore, contact GAC Singapore at


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