Marlink provides secure IT management for Socatra tankers

Apr 14 2022

Marlink, the smart network company, has extended its service provision to tanker company Socatra, providing high-speed connectivity as well as secure IT management.

France-based Socatra provides comprehensive solutions for deep-sea and inland oil transportation. The company recognized the need to improve the performance and quality of IT systems, which posed a risk to compliance and operational performance and required a comprehensive approach to upgrading hardware and software on board the vessel.

For more than a decade, Marlink has provided Socatra's 12-vessel fleet with high bandwidth via VSAT connectivity, as well as CyberGuard threat detection solutions. To support the company’s digitalisation strategy, Marlink will now provide its enhanced ITLink Advanced solution, enabling Socatra to transfer the management of its IT processes to Marlink, which will manage a full range of highly secure digitalisation services. These include Socatra's Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) system, tools for compliance with applicable quality systems, and dedicated networks for business and crew communications.

ITLink Advanced is technology and communications-agnostic and will help Socatra to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of its fleet systems by standardising and simplifying the IT environment. Fleet IT can be managed remotely, reducing dependency on crew, improving reliability and saving time and money.


The CyberGuard solution provided by Marlink includes automated security monitoring through a Security Information and Event Management system (SIEM) as well as Security Operations Centre (SOC) expert support and advanced threat hunting.

“Safety is the foundation of Socatra’s business; the maintenance of our ships, continuous training of employees and our commitment to communication all demonstrate this,” says Hector Firino Martell, Fleet Manager, Socatra. “With the addition of ITLink Advanced, Socatra can improve our vessel operations data and enjoy smoother, faster compliance with charterer and regulatory requirements with enhanced access for crew training and collaboration.”

“Going digital means putting security at the top of the agenda so it that can deliver the results that the business needs, empowering staff members whether they work ashore or onboard ship,” says Nicolas Furgé, President, Digital, Marlink. “Our long and fruitful relationship with Socatra means Marlink is able to support its plans with the integrated tools and solutions needed to enable safe, efficient and compliant operations.”


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