PETRONAS Marine and Titan LNG partner again for another successful STS

Apr 14 2022

World-leading independent alternative fuels supplier, Titan LNG has partnered with PETRONAS Marine – the marine solutions arm of energy multinational, PETRONAS, to deliver LNG under a Term Supply Agreement to VLCC Yuan Rui Yang, chartered by Koch Industries and owned by Cosco.

The ship-to-ship transfer (STS) bunkering of the world’s first LNG-fuelled VLCC took place in the port of Pasir Gudang, Malaysia using the Avenir Advantage – PETRONAS’ long term-chartered barge.

Delivered in February this year, the Yuan Rui Yang is the world’s first LNG-fuelled VLCC. The vessel is 333 metres long, 60 metres wide and 30.5 metres deep. It has a WinGD low-pressure dual-fuel main engine and two 3,500 cubic metre LNG storage tanks.

This is the first delivery under contract agreement between Titan LNG and Koch Industries and marks another milestone for the PETRONAS-Titan collaboration, which has previously supplied LNG across Asia to vessels including the Siem Aristotle and several other smaller vessels that were en route from Asia to Europe. This demonstrates Titan LNG and PETRONAS’ shared purpose to create a cleaner future.

Global access is now a reality as the LNG bunkering pioneers collaborate to deploy expertise worldwide. As the expansion of LNG infrastructure continues to build momentum in meeting cleaner energy demand, multiple players are coming together to ensure availability and supply, as well as technical assistance and compatibility. As an independent supplier, Titan LNG assists customers and partner suppliers in realising the common goal of making LNG the preferred fuel for a sustainable future, helping both sides to optimise the LNG supply process and providing technical knowledge for efficient compatibility checks.

Michael Schaap, Titan LNG’s Commercial Director Marine commented: “We are proud of the strong and ongoing relationship with our supply partner, PETRONAS Marine, and the faith shown by our long-term customer, Koch Industries. As the LNG pathway gains recognition and momentum, taking a collaborative approach enables us to continue to deliver LNG safely across Europe, Asia and around the world.

“Shipping companies such as Cosco and Koch are becoming much more aware of how to meet the 2030 and 2050 decarbonisation targets and recognise that the use of LNG as a marine fuel has a multitude of benefits. Not only its negligible local emissions profile but its clear global emissions reduction pathway through the introduction of bioLNG and hydrogen-derived LNG. This is why Titan is committed to providing access to LNG, and all commercially viable alternative fuels, enabling more shipping companies to start the journey towards a zero-carbon future today.”

Titan LNG’s collaboration with PETRONAS Marine has reached yet another milestone with the safe and smooth LNG bunkering supply to Koch Industries. The collaborators believe that LNG, as the cleanest burning fossil fuel, is currently the best option for the energy transition. PETRONAS Marine as a one-stop marine solutions partner in the region, will continue to ensure reliable and competitive LNG supply for the Asia-Pacific and Europe Trading route.

Global demand for LNG as a marine fuel continues to expand as the LNG pathway through bioLNG and eventually hydrogen-derived LNG becomes increasingly clear. Titan LNG expects to have the largest network of LNG bunkering vessels in Europe by 2025 and will continue to form strategic partnerships with organisations to ensure global accessibility for its customers.

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