New biofuels partnerships and first supply in the Middle East

May 05 2022

Oil and shipping group, Monjasa, has successfully completed its first blending and supply of marine biofuels in the UAE.

The project was carried out in close collaboration with international energy company, Uniper and biofuel producer Neutral Fuels.

On 9 March 2022, the Monjasa-owned tanker, Monjasa Server (9,600-dwt), went alongside the Great Eastern Shipping Company tanker, Jag Prerana, off Dubai and successfully supplied a total of 233 metric tonnes of B20 biofuel. Ahead of delivery, the product blending was performed on board the Monjasa Server.


B20 biofuel blend consists of 20% biodiesel made exclusively from cooking oil waste and 80% VLSFO and meets ISO 8217 marine fuel standards.



Monjasa is determined to take an active part in meeting IMO’s future carbon emission reduction targets, which depends completely on the ongoing and future transition to alternative fuels.


Group Responsibility Director, Jesper Nielsen said: “Monjasa’s role in this transition is to become an enabler of the logistics of environmentally friendly fuels. In oil and shipping we are all connected and the journey towards offering alternative fuels at scale relies on forming new partnerships and exploring where Monjasa can add most value to the maritime infrastructure in the short, medium and long term.”



Commercial Director at Monjasa Middle East & Africa, Moustapha El Maghlouk, said: “By promoting new partnerships with Uniper and Neutral Fuels, Monjasa is present at the production site and throughout the supply chain to understand the full spectrum of logistics needed to make this project a success. With our combined synergies across fuel sourcing, production and logistics, we are confident of building a scalable biofuel option and we are already receiving interest for biofuel-blends from several shipping companies operating in the Middle East.”


Emanuele Gallone, Business Development Manager at Uniper Energy DMCC said: “We are thankful to Monjasa for successfully enabling the logistics and ensuring progress on our joint mission to support the decarbonisation of the shipping industry. Handling biofuels differs significantly from traditional marine fuels and it has been important to Uniper to guarantee safe and seamless delivery at sea to the end user together with Monjasa.”



While becoming an enabler for customers to reduce their carbon footprint through biofuel blends, Monjasa also provides transparency on CO2-emissions across fossil-based fuel products delivered. Through a unique industry role between upstream partners and downstream end users, Monjasa has developed a level of granularity that for the first time provides shipowners with accurate and real-time CO2 emissions-data linked to each individual fuel order placed with Monjasa.



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