New booster pump: A solution for the future

May 12 2022

The NMB200F booster pump has been made for a future where high-pressure suction solutions must be available for VLGC and VLECs.

The marine industry has faced big changes, and more companies are beginning to request more efficient VLGCs and VLECs. Svanehøj has experienced the changes first-hand and expects the trend to continue in the future.


Therefore, Svanehøj has designed a new and improved booster pump, which sees the outlet pressure increase from 26 to 40 bar compared to the previous NMB200 model. 


“Clients’ demands have changed in recent years. We identified the need for a bigger booster pump that can increase the discharge pressure but still withstand the intensified pressure. The trend has clearly tipped towards larger vessels. This is something we noted when we provided certain service solutions”, explains Martin Andersen, Sales Manager at Cargo Gas.


Efficient and sustainable

The newest series of booster pumps from Svanehøj has been constructed to be even more energy efficient. Thus ensuring a more sustainable output for VLGC and VLECs. The goal with the NMB200F is to get ahead of future issues by following the newest trends in offshore and shipping.


“We’re looking at the future of shipping and want to ensure and optimise our clients’ output and be ready with the newest solutions in terms of cargo pump systems for liquified gasses. We also want to make sure our clients’ processes are more effective. Additionally, the NMB200F optimises our own service levels as we do not need to adopt specialised solutions”, explains Martin Andersen.


The NMB200F booster pump

The NMB200F booster pump’s design is based on a stainless steel and self-actuating pressure system, as well as a unique leakage protection system. The NMB200F differs from its predecessors in size and the way it handles a greater magnitude of pressure.



  • High pressure suction of maximum 23 bar.
  • The maximum outlet pressure increases from 26.7 bar in the NMB200 to 40 bar in NMB200F.
  • Fully refrigerated tankers, cargo is liquified by a cooling/pressure process down to -104°C.
  • Can be connected in series.



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