Thome switches to Seagull

Mar 31 2014

Thome Ship Management has installed its existing competence management system (TCMS) into the Seagull Competence Manager online platform.

This move was made to manage its ever-growing demand for crew training and gap identification, the company said.

After several years of using another software vendor to manage its system, Thome said that it had switched to Seagull’s platform. The process involved a system clean-up, review and restructuring of defined competences, which are ship and rank specific.

Seagull also assisted Thome in the integration of the system with its crew management system.

“We have been using the Seagull CBT training system on board our vessels for the past few years and have been very satisfied with the products and services offered by Seagull,” said Sartaj Gill, head of group training, Thome Ship Management. “Since we saw the need to improve the functionality of the software platform last year, we decided to transfer our competence elements and assessment results to Seagull’s competence manager allowing our employees to use one system for both training and assessment. We are very happy with the co-operation with Seagull during the process and are confident that we now have a solution that fully covers our needs”


Building a competent crew through continuous training, gap identification and assessment is the key to improving ship performance, the company said. The Seagull training and competence system has been designed for easy use by crew members, as well as giving managers ashore a full overview of each seafarer’s development and level of competence allowing them to identify candidates ready for promotion.

“When Thome Ship Management made inquiries to change their IT platform to manage their competence management system we were able to demonstrate that our solution is the best available and is a working solution already used by many other major shipping companies,” said Frank Pete, director software systems, Seagull. “We were happy to take on the challenge as we see every such opportunity as a way to learn more about industry requirements and needs.

“We acknowledge our partners to be the most powerful resource to guide us on how to improve our products and services to ensure they have the most efficient tools available to solve their challenges. We look forward to continuing to work with Thome Ship Management on developing the competence of their seafarers and our systems and services,” he said.

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