Chevron Marine Lubricants takes temperature of 2020 fuel switch

(Aug 20 2020)

After over half a year of low-sulphur fuel operations for international shipping, Chevron Marine Lubricants has distilled its experiences of working with new fuels and lubricants into a new whitepaper published last Monday.

Milestone for first LPG conversion with Isle of Man design acceptance

(Jun 25 2020)

BW LPG, the Isle of Man Ship Registry, Wärtsilä Gas Solutions, MAN Energy Solutions, and DNV GL, the world’s leading classification society, celebrated the first flag acceptance of a conversion to LPG as fuel for a VLGC.

New Research Center to lead way for decarbonizing shipping

(Jun 25 2020)

A group of leading industry players are taking the next step to develop new fuel types and technologies by launching the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping.

LNG for a VLCC delivers “strong ROI”

(May 21 2020)

A study found that running a VLCC on LNG fuel offered a better ROI than low sulphur fuel oil, but not as good a ROI as a scrubber.

Majority of marine fuel buyers anticipate price rises, but limited risk management in place

(May 21 2020)

Despite recent low bunker prices a significant proportion of marine fuel buyers still do not have any risk management strategies in place to mitigate anticipated price rises.

GreenSteam – fuel efficiency advice from digital models

(Apr 30 2020)

Danish company GreenSteam builds digital models from historical data which can be used to provide advice to shipping companies about how to adjust speed and other factors to get the best fuel consumption.

Options for CO2 cutting fuels

(Apr 09 2020)

Reducing CO2 from vessel operations through performance improvements only gets you so far on CO2 – in due course, shipping companies will need to consider options for different fuels. ABS considers three options - light gas (LNG / hydrogen), heavier ...

Gasum to supply Preem with renewable maritime fuel

(Mar 26 2020)

Nordic gas sector and energy market expert Gasum has entered into an agreement with Sweden’s largest fuel company Preem to supply their tankers with a new fuel blend consisting of liquefied natural gas and 10 per cent of renewable liquefied biogas.

Standard Club - two ships in China using 'non compliant fuel'

(Jan 15 2020)

The Standard Club notes that it has received reports that since 1 January 2020 there have been two separate ships in Chinese waters that have been found to be using non-compliant fuel.

IRGC seizes smuggling fuel tanker in Abu Musa

(Jan 09 2020)

On December 30, 2019 The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) navy forces confiscated an oil tanker carrying smuggled fuel in Abu Musa waters, southern Iran.

Lubrizol whitepaper identifies VLSFO engine condition challenges

(Jan 09 2020)

Legacy cylinder oils may not protect ship engines from the variable fuel characteristics of very low sulfur fuel oil (VLSFO), global additive supplier The Lubrizol Corp has advised.

EU ban on palm-based biodiesel to hit trade

(Nov 08 2019)

The EU’s demand for palm-based biodiesel is expected to decrease in the long term, due to the region’s ban on the use of palm oil in biofuels.

To pay up or not to pay up- that is the question

(May 01 2014)

Perhaps the most significant announcement to come out of MEPC 66 was an agreement to review the timing of the implementation of the global sulphur limits. In essence, a correspondence group is being set up to decide whether the adoption of the 0.5% g...

Early action key to ensuring 2015 ECA compliance

(May 01 2014)

The impending enforcement of next year’s 0.1% Emissions Control Area (ECA) regulation is causing considerable challenges to owners and operators*.

Small methodology leads to large savings

(May 01 2014)

The rule of thumb may not always work for managing cargo heating.

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