Glencore charters ULCC for $37k/day for oil storage

(Mar 19 2020)

Trading house Glencore has chartered the ULCC "Europe" to store oil for at least 6 months, at a rate of $37k/day, according to sources speaking to Reuters.

Azerbaijani State Oil Company (SOCAR) first tanker to Belarus

(Mar 12 2020)

90,000 tons of Azeri LT (light oil) were shipped on the night of March 5, according to a report in Azerbaijani newspaper AzerNews.

NAVTOR offers AVCS on ‘Pay As You Sail’

(May 01 2014)

NAVTOR is one of the latest companies to offer UKHO’s ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS) on a ‘pay as you sail’ (PAYS) basis.

Charter party renegotiations cause problems

(Jan 01 2014)

Occasionally charterparties will contain provisions such as ‘hardship’, or ‘renegotiation’ clauses that seek to provide an opportunity to review and, perhaps, amend the contract to reflect the realities of the market.*

AWT unveils fleet decision support system

(Nov 30 2013)

Fleet optimisation services and on board voyage management software provider Applied Weather Technology (AWT) has introduced the latest version of its fleet management system - Fleet Decision Support System (FleetDSS) 2.0.

How to effectively cut costs

(Nov 30 2013)

Another in the series of Tanker Operator's successful 'Making money in a tough market' conferences was held in Singapore on the 11th October.

Managing the charterparty

(Nov 30 2013)

Following the launch CP-Desk, a sister company of DA-Desk, Tanker Operator spoke with managing editor Captain Errol Gonsalves, about the new service.

A matter of approval

(Oct 24 2013)

New York arbitrators have considered the implications of oil major approval clauses under charterparties.*

Tank cleaning - question the process

(Aug 31 2013)

There is certainly a great deal of emphasis being placed on making money in a tough market at the present time.*

Tanker owner's appeal allowed in overage case

(May 23 2013)

Where a charterparty provides for a minimum quantity of cargo to be loaded but no overage is specified in respect of a particular discharge range, the agreed Worldscale (WS) rate shall apply to all the cargo carried, including freight loaded above th...

Security and service pool formed

(Apr 19 2013)

Maritime security experts and service providers worldwide have teamed up to form the World MarSec Union, whose members aim to deliver price reductions by bulk purchasing logistics and services from specific providers in each port.

TORM gains time in its battle to stay afloat

(Jan 31 2013)

The shipping recession has taken its toll of those companies that were heavily in debt to their banks and finance houses as they soon found that they could not service the debt.


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