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Jan Feb 2020

(Feb 04 2020)

Special report from our Hamburg forum last October on seafarer performance

What human element means - tanker companies which embrace the “human element” are companies which appreciate people’s role as successful goalkeepers (rather than someone to blame), acknowledge the limits of procedures, manage onboard complexity, and are careful about how we introduce automation, said
tanker technical expert Martin Shaw

Enclosed space deaths - One of the biggest causes of death onboard vessels today is enclosed spaces - people collapse due to the atmosphere or other reasons, and cannot be rescued. Captain Kuba Szymanski, secretary general of InterManager, suggested some better ways we can try to reduce the risk

Harren & Partner – defining effective communication - making a big effort to improve communications between crew and the office, explained Fleet manager Ömer Faruk Bayar

Columbia Shipmanagement is improving the ways it encourages seafarers to think about safety, develops a safety culture, and trains the crew - explained Capt. Faouzi Fradi, group training director, Columbia Shipmanagement

Technology which helps you and your seafarers, and technology which doesn't - Dimitris Lyras, director of Lyras Shipping, and maritime software company Ulysses Systems, shares his views

Scoutbase – prevent human error with real-time data - find out where your seafarers experience challenges in everyday work - before they turn into accidents

Also in this issue

Frank Coles, CEO of Wallem, on how we can make this industry proud to send people on ships

Wearables Technologies has developed a software platform called Eleksen to make it easier to handle “wearables” data in an integrated way – such gas, noise and proximity sensors worn by offshore workers

SpaceX’s Starlink - what does it mean for shipping communications? Elon Musk’s company SpaceX is in the process of launching 12,000 to 42,000 communications

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April-May 2021

Safety risks from digitalisation and decarbonisation - seafarer mental health - ABS advice on ballast water systems