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October 2020

(Oct 12 2020)


  • Seafarer morale tops list of growing safety concerns
  • How Neste is improving vessel performance
  • Seafarers and COVID-19: ICS webinar



  • Maersk’s ZeroNorth – optimising vessels in commercial operations
  • Clean the hull when resistance increases 10% - GreenSteam
  • Thun’s bunker tanker which sits on the seabed
  • Stena Bulk to offer biofuel option
  • Review: LNG fuelled crude / chemical tankers 


  • GPS spoofing – and a proposal to fix
  • Using VDR data to audit navigation
  • OneOcean - specify bespoke company rules for individual vessels
  • Being sure about ballast water compliance
  • De Nora – treating ballast water via “slip stream


  •  Liquid cargo storage – an insurer’s perspective
  • SPS: repairing tankers with a steel-elastomer-steel sandwich composite
  • Satcoms and COVID

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Aug-Sept 2021

Sea Cargo Charter - ship recycling - CO2 from tank cleaning - fixing damaged propeller blades