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June-July 2021

(May 24 2021)


How Stena Bulk makes decarbonisation add up - Stena Bulk is putting big money behind decarbonisation – with an agreement to build 3 methanol tankers, and a concept plan for a new type of vessel, the Infinity Max

OCIMF - The Oil Companies International Maritime Forum (OCIMF) March and April newsletters, included updates on human factors, SIRE 2.0, piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, and more

BHP signed a 5 year contract for 5 LNG fueled ore carriers – at a cost lower than using new vessels fueled with VLSFO. Head of maritime Rashpal Singh Bhatti explained

Update on worldwide piracy risks

Are seafarer training requirements keeping up with new shipboard technology?

The maritime risk landscape is changing in multiple ways – much of it driven by Covid and environmental issues, and also cybersecurity

Advice about drug smuggling on ships - from Dryad Global

Maritime catering – going back to the basics - Many vessel crew have poor health for reasons which may be related to nutrition

How BSM manages vessel performance - developing the right management systems, not just getting an understanding of individual vessels.


Concerns about ship power limits - if engines are de-rated to meet emission requirements, navigators may not have the power they need at short notice.

Nakashima Propeller acquires Becker Marine

Can inert gas systems be included in decarbonisation drives?

Managing cyber risks of ECDIS

Filters in ballast water systems - they may not be a legal requirement, but they may prove very helpful, particularly if the vessel is loading ballast in sediment-rich waters

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Nov-Dec 2022

Acid accident investigation - Behavioural competency assessment - Waterfront Shipping and methanol fuel - BWTS fuel consumption