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Aug-Sept 2021

(Sep 01 2021)



  • What’s on the horizon for tankers? - The complex demands from regulators, financial institutions, charterers, and other industry partners, “creates a puzzle for every tanker operator,” says ABS
  • Are tanker markets on the road to recovery - views from Kpler, BIMCO and Gibsons
  • News from OCIMF - including West Africa piracy government initiatives, and concerns about marine loading arm maintenance





  • The Sea Cargo Charter – how charterers and pool operators are driving decarbonisation - with Cargill, Anglo American, Dow Chemical and Maersk
  • Decarbonisation and charterer contracts - Denis Petropoulos, Chairman of the Baltic Exchange, shares views about how decarbonisation could be included
  • Shell’s approach to shipping decarbonisation - perspectives from Carl Henrickson, Head, Shipping & Maritime Technology, Innovation & Digitalisation, Shell
  • How will decarbonisation be financed? Reducing funding available to less environmentally friendly vessels might backfire, we heard in an ICS webinar
  • Wärtsilä - Taking on some of the financial risks of decarbonisation </b>in partnership arrangements
  • Considerations with LNG fuelled vessels – which engine design, how LNG will be stored - perspectives from DNV.
  • Why LNG fuel makes sense - if it would enable a vessel built today to operate until 2040 under current and anticipated regulations, DNV explains





  • How ship recycling is evolving - big improvements in safety, much driven by the Hong Kong Convention. But conflicting EU requirements can cause more harm than good, we learned at an ICS webinar
  • Optimarin – remote monitoring of ballast water systems
  • Using NanoVapor to reduce hydrocarbon evaporation 
  • Seafarer competency management - growing trend for tanker operators to implement seafarer competency management systems - perspectives from Intertanko and Wallem
  •  The hidden CO2 emissions from tank cleaning - as much as 12 per cent of the total emissions for a chemical tanker
  • ICS updates its guide to helicopter landings on ships, including a section on tankers
  • EC vs UV for ballast water treatment systems - Perspectives from ERMA FIRST
  • Fixing damaged propeller blades and shafts can be more viable than many tanker people imagine, says MarineShaft


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Aug-Sept 2021

Sea Cargo Charter - ship recycling - CO2 from tank cleaning - fixing damaged propeller blades