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Dec 2021

(Dec 01 2021)


  • The 3rd quarter Seafarer Happiness Survey - Seafarer happiness up, but tanker crew less happy
  • OCIMF news Aug-Sept-Oct - Fuel lifecycle assessment, OCIMF’s environmental plan, human factors guidance, new director,
  • guidance on private security 
  • Developments with flag registries - Paris MOU annual report, Marshall Islands, Liberia maintaining strong positions, planned expansion of the UK
  • Trends in vessel losses - Allianz' annual study, discussed by Captain Rahul Khanna of Allianz
  • Tackling piracy with private vessels, state navy - PVI offers this service


  • Factors to consider with filters - by Mark Riggio, head of marine with Filtersafe,
  • You can go filterless with chlorine dioxide treatment technology - says Andrew Marshall, CEO of ballast water management system manufacturer Ecochlor


  • Airseas kite that saves an average 20% fuel and emissions - a 1000m2 kite suitable for tankers, which flies at 300m, supported by Airbus
  • ICS webinar – pathways to shipping decarbonisation - with ABS, International Seaways and IRENA
  • Understanding the biofuels opportunity - a zero carbon fuel which can be dropped into current ship fuel systems


  • What shipping thinks about alternative fuels
  • European decarbonisation regulation
  • How LNG as fuel is evolving
  • Experience with LPG as a fuel - from Pontus Berg, EVP (Technical and Operations) with shipping company BW LPG 
  • Experience with methanol fuel - from Capt. Kanchan K. Mukherjee, Director Operations, NYK Bulkship (Asia)
  • Developing an ammonia engine - MAN Energy Solutions
  • Seaspan – experience with big dual fuel fleet
  • Hydrogen fuel for ships - the simplest zero carbon fuel, but dangerous to handle and takes up a lot of space.


  • Selektope antifouling - proven for 5 years operation on a chemical tanker
  • Automatic control system for electric cargo pumps - developed by pump manufacturer Svanehøj

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Jan-March 2023

Does CII work - how banks are driving decarbonisation - reducing risks from engine failures